Built to prepare today's middle schoolers for high school and beyond

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Rigor that's rewarding

Bring great literature to life while meeting today’s standards.

Amplify ELA features high-quality lessons grounded in great books, with powerful tools to immerse young adolescents in reading, writing, and speaking.

Designed for today’s world

Inspire next-level engagement with a digitally forward program.

Multimedia lessons are grounded in the standards-and designed for the way middle schoolers learn so they are ready for high school.

Differentiation with the click of a button

With cutting-edge tools, you can provide students the individualized support they deserve.

Differentiated instruction with the click of a button and instant feedback tools allow you to give each student the support they need.

More time teaching, less time grading

Next-generation assessments take the headache out of grading.

With intelligent feedback tools and embedded assessments, Amplify ELA makes it easy to monitor student progress and intervene where needed—no matter where teaching and learning is taking place.

  • Daily Exit Tickets

    Keep close track of student learning by checking in quickly at the end of each class.

  • Autoscored student writing

    This teacher favorite assesses focus, use of evidence, and conventions--so you can spend time on more substantial remarks.

  • Clarify and Compare performance tasks

    Students learn from great literature--then apply what they’ve learned to fresh reads

Key differentiators

What sets Amplify ELA apart

  1. 1. A flexible, blended program built for today’s moment
  2. 2. Great literature with fresh instruction grounded in today’s standards
  3. 3. Next-level engagement through immersive multimedia resources
  4. 4. Five levels of differentiation to keep all students on the same page
  5. 5. Embedded assessments mean more time teaching, less time grading